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Our Project Management Team will be actively involved in design and development meetings to assist with budget analysis, constructability, and lead-time tracking. We will actively engage key subcontractors in site surveys to conform with Architect’s and Engineer’s analysis and better coordinate locations of light fixtures, partition layouts, HVAC equipment, and sprinkler system.


Our internal project management team is involved in all aspects of the project, from Owner negotiations to budget and cost control. The organization of the project team is coordinated by the Senior Project Manager, Benny Rodriguez. Team Members include the Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager and On-Site Project Superintendent. Our “hands-on” management approach enables all members of the Project Team to interface with the Client to provide the highest level of support and communication possible. Open communication among all parties enables us to be responsive and flexible to the needs of the Client while at the same time providing continuity in approach.

Our focus on quality service is based on providing a sole point of client contact from project estimating through construction and punch list. A quality project starts prior to initiating construction. From the early stages of the job, the Project Manager and Superintendent will review the scope of work and schedule requirements. We will conduct constructability reviews to ensure use of materials, systems, and elements that will facilitate the efficiency and safety of the construction process without impacting the building’s functional or aesthetic design. Including, but not limited to the following, The Project Management Team will apply its “hands-on” approach and provide the Client’s Project Team timely updates of the following throughout the project:

• Budget estimates, updates, and value engineering

• Scheduling

• Procurement of materials (lead times, delivery, and installation)

• Shop drawing approval process / submittal logs

• On site coordination with design team and subcontractors (including RFI’s)

We hold weekly team meetings to review project status with respect to progress, subcontractor performance, contract status, and project reporting. In addition to our team meetings, we also mandate subcontractor foreman’s meetings, presided by our Project Superintendent. This is key in ensuring our subcontractors maintain satisfactory performance. Issues raised in this meeting can further be discussed in the Owner Progress Meetings with the Client’s Project Team. Our Project Manager will play an active role in the Owner Progress Meetings, held on a weekly basis.

Agenda material includes a review of new and old business items RFIs, submittals, progress pending items, and potential change order items.

Our goal is to ensure 100% client satisfaction derived from hands-on management intended to complete the project on schedule, within budget, and in accordance with the plans and specifications. A team approach facilitates contract management by encouraging the foundation of a cohesive partnership with the Client, Building Owner, Architect, Engineer, Subcontractors, Vendors and other Project Members.


Upon mobilization, Night & Day Construction will manage the jobsite operations with one full-time Superintendent supported by a labor force. These personnel will be responsible for the safety, quality, and progress of the project. Together with Project Managers, the Superintendent will review the jobsite to assure quality construction methods throughout the project and will update the construction schedule to reflect the progress of project.

Our on-site office will be fully equipped and have conferencing capabilities. We further enhance the overall process with the integration of online project management tools such as e-mail data exchange and digital photography, both of which are used in tandem to provide instantaneous updates to all project participants regardless of their location.

The Field Superintendent is also responsible for overall field coordination of all subcontractors. Night & Day Construction will look to lay out all equipment, piping and other devices in a manner to allow for seamless installation. Special care will be taken to assure that adequate space is allowed in layout to provide for future maintenance of all equipment. Should conflicts arise during this coordination effort, we will be proactive by presenting solutions to the Client’s Project Team. Furthermore, we strive to implement in our field forces the “team concept” that plays a key role in the project’s success.


We realize the importance of working closely with Owner Vendors for systems furniture, security,

Audio/video and data cabling. We will notify them from day one with their respective places on our schedule and coordinate their activities on behalf of the team. We realize their concerns are our concerns. Close coordination with Owner Vendors will ensure accurate installation of their systems, resolve any conflicts, eliminate additional costs due to repeat work, and warrant timely occupation of a secured and functional office space.


Expedient project closeout is critical to ensuring a project’s success. Closeout includes meeting the contractual requirement for completion, completing all items on the punch list, making final payments to the subcontractors, completion of all the necessary documentation (as-built, warranties, operations and maintenance manuals), and commissioning. The key to an expedient and effective project closeout is the early development of a comprehensive project closeout matrix.